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Boston Dynamics Spot Robot

Spot Robot in the Wilderness

Spot Robot in the Wilderness

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot is the Utilitarian Robot of the Near Future!

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot is more evidence that robots are taking over and within the next decade most of what used to be done by humans will be replaced with robots.  Spot is the agile four-legged robot from Boston Dynamics that go places where humans may have difficulty.  Its nimble four legs allow it to navigate uneven terrain, climb stairs and much more.  Its advanced technology allows it to go places where wheeled robots cannot, while carrying payloads with endurance far beyond aerial drones.  Acute 360-degree vision and obstacle avoidance allows this machine to be driven remotely or taught routes and actions to perform autonomously.  There are many versatile applications for the Spot robot from construction, oil & gas, electric utility, mining, public safety, healthcare, entertainment, research and of course military and law enforcement applications.
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