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Body Organ Apron Educational Toy

body organ apron educational toy.jpg

body organ apron educational toy.jpg

This Body Organ Apron Educational Toy Will Teach Your Preschooler a Little About Human Anatomy!

We all are aware of the value of educating our young ones from an early age. This body organ apron educational toy is the perfect teaching aid to teach your youngsters a little about the human body. The apron is a visual learning aid for children that helps them to visualize the organs of the human body, their location and functions. The organs are removable, all made of polyester and include the heart, large and small intestines, lung, stomach, kidney, liver, esophagus and trachea. The organs are attached to the apron with velcro and can be removed and washed. This plush stuffed toy is an excellent body awareness toy that will have your kids thinking about the marvel of the human body at an early age.

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