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Iris Blanket Warmer and Shoe Dryer

Blanket Warmer

Blanket Warmer

This Iris Blanket Warmer not only keeps your blanket warm but also dries your shoes!

Iris Blanket Warmer is a portable device that warms up your blanket and your personal space if you are in a cold house during the winter.  It’s ideal for areas of the home where its normally cold and when you have guest over to keep them warm and toasty in cold rooms.  This portable warmer easily slides under blankets, bedsheets to warm up the air under the blanket thereby keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night.  It can be set on a timer to maintain a preset temperature while you sleep and includes a setting to eliminate dust mites which is certainly a plus.  In addition to warming your blankets, it includes an attachment that converts the device into a shoe dryer with two pegs for inserting into cold, damp or wet shoes.
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