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Aquor House Hydrant

Aquor-House-Hydrant plugged into an outlet on a house

Aquor-House-Hydrant plugged into an outlet on a house

The Aquor House Hydrant makes it easy to access water around the home!

Hydrants were designed to make access to water easy and fast especially in an emergency. However, the use of hydrants hasn’t always been fast since it would take significant time to screw the hose into the hydrant spigot and activate the water flow.  Aquor solves this problem by creating a hydrant designed for home use that is super-fast to attach and disconnect from the water source.


The flush mounted outdoor faucet system which is connected to a water source allows you to instantly plug into the faucet with a hose connector attachment which activates the water supply.  Disconnection is as simple as unplugging the hose from the faucet which stops the water supply.  This revolutionary design saves the time of screwing into the hydrant spigot and enables access to water quickly and easily when needed.


By unplugging from the hydrant, the water flow is automatically stopped and the system self-drains so no water is accumulated in the system to freeze when temperatures plummet to minus 30 degrees F.  The house hydrant is as inconspicuous as a wall outlet when mounted and includes a stainless steel flush mount face plate, 5 different lengths hydrant stem, rear valve, weather resistant cover and blue or gray hose connector in standard 1/2” or 3/4” diameters.

The Cost? $89.99


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