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Air Cooling Bed Fan



bFan Air Cooling Bed Fan keeps you cool under the covers!

One of the leading causes of a poor night’s sleep is in the inability to fall asleep due to the temperature in the room or more so under the covers.  The bFan Air Cooling Bed Fan solves this problem by ingeniously creating a fan that angles under your bed cover to keep you cool and comfy.  The bFan is designed to work with beds from 19” to 37” in height and will direct airflow under the bed covers to dissipate hot air from around your body to the ceiling of the room.  If you prefer to not have the fan under the cover direct it at the bed so cool air can flow over your body as you enjoy a longer deeper sleep. The bFan is energy efficient and ideal for use in climates that are traditionally hot where using an air conditioner can be expensive.

The Cost? $75.00


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