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Zoom Contact Lens

Zoom Contact Lens

Zoom Contact Lens

These Zoom Contact Lens Lets You Zoom by Blinking Twice!

This is the stuff of science fiction, a zoom contact lens that zooms on your command by blinking your eyes twice. Scientist at the University of California San Diego has brough this remarkable technology into reality by creating a contact lens that is controlled by the movement of your eyes.  This was made possible by the study of the electrooculographic signals generated when you move your eyes up, down, left or right, blink or double blink.  These soft biometric contact lens responds directly to these natural electrical impulses created when you move your eyes.  This remarkable innovation holds the prospect of being used in visual prostheses, adjustable glasses and remotely operated robotics.  It could also be used in everyday contact lens to give uses an eagle eyes perspective of the world around them.
Check it Out on NewScientist

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