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Zenergy Ball Chairs



Zenergy Ball Chairs is the perfect addition to your home or office decor!


Who wants to sit on hard stools when you can sit on the Zenergy Ball Chair.  This revolutionary chair imitates sitting on a medicine ball and just as a medicine ball helps with posture and balance improvement and core strength development.  The only difference between the ball chair and an actual medicine ball is the wheels attached to the chair that allows it to be easily moved and the mesh slipcover that comes in a variety of colors that makes the chair look like an actual stool and not a ball on a frame.  If you are going to sit on a stool why not sit on one that actually does something for your body and that is the inspiration behind the Zenergy Ball Chair.  The flexible domed seat allows you to move in any direction with resistance which some users testify encourages the use of lower body muscles and enhances concentration on a task at hand.  The 23” diameter fully inflated anti-burst plastic exercise ball beneath the slipcover is supported over sturdy stainless-steel frame attached to wheels. In the event the ball loses air an included air pump allows you to add air from the underside of the chair.

Cost? $135.72

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