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WsKy 1080p Transparent Digital HDTV Antenna



The WsKy 1080p Transparent Digital HDTV Antenna Let’s you Enjoy Free HD Programs without Cable!

Stop wasting money on expensive cable and Satellite TV and enjoy free HDTV programs with the Wsky 50-100 miles 1080P Transparent Digital HDTV Antenna.  With the HDTV antenna you can enjoy free HD programs including local news, weather forecasts, sports and educations programs all without paying exorbitant fees.  The clear design of the antenna is attractive, lightweight and ultra-thin allowing it be virtually unnoticeable when placed anywhere on your wall or window glass.  Check for free channels in your area by visiting “” or “” and with the HDTV antenna 50-100 mile radius, take advantage of all the free programming being broadcast in your area.  Supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p & Frequency Range: VHF 86-230MHz, UHF 470-810MHz.  The location of the antenna will determine the quality of the signal received.  Place antenna away from appliances and at an elevated level above obstacles to enjoy the best quality signal.

The Cost? $29.79


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