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World’s First Air Combat School

World’s First Air Combat School

World’s First Air Combat School

World’s First Air Combat School Let’s You Experience First Hand What it Takes to Be a Fighter Pilot!

If you are like me and you love everything military aviation you may want to take it a step further by enrolling in the world’s first air combat school. We all remember the famous Top Gun movie and how we wished we could be in the seat of that Tomcat behind Tom Cruise. If you are the one of the lucky few who have fulfilled that dream by becoming a fighter pilot, kudos to you but for the rest of us this one of its kind fighter pilot experience at Air Combat USA will suffice.

Experience the thrill of Air Combat and see if you got what it takes. Imagine yourself scanning the skies in a real military aircraft in search for bogeys. Spot a bogey at 3 o’clock and bank hard and experience the G-Force while tacking the enemy head-on. Pull G’s that will make your stomach turn as you maneuver into a kill position behind the enemy. Lock-on, squeeze the trigger and watch the enemy descend in a hail of smoke. Experience this and more at the world’s first air combat school and learn what it takes to become a fighter pilot.

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