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Wireless Charging Base

Wireless Charging Base

Wireless Charging Base

HyperX ChargePlay Qi Wireless Charging Base delivers rapid power to your devices!

The HyperX Charge Play Qi Wireless Charging Base delivery rapid power to recharge your devices in a flash.  Delivering up to 15 watts of power, the charging base with LED lights on each side quickly recharges all your smart devices. The LED indicator lights on each side of the charging pad indicates how far along your device is when charging.  When the LED lights turn off your devices are fully charged. This Qi Charger also works with Qi-compatible devices, so you can use for your smartphone, mouse, smartwatch, headphones, AirPods etc.  Its smart, simple, sleek design looks great on your computer desk and will blend in with any other electronic device on your desktop.  Additionally, it provides a simple way to keep your devices powered up and fully charged.
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