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Wing Chun Training Ring

Wing Chun Training Ring proper hand techniques

Wing Chun Training Ring proper hand techniques

The Wing Chun Training Ring Helps You Develop the Art of Proper Hand Movement!

The Wing Chun training ring is an 8.26” diameter, 0.7” thick stainless-steel ring that helps develop the ability to use your arms in a confined space, by keeping your elbows on the centerline.  It teaches the user to keep the arms chambered, the body and horse straight and supportive, the stance spaced properly and the footwork strong yet swift.  The legendary Bruce Lee perfected the art of Wing Chun, an ancient martial arts concept based on traditional southern Chinese Kung Fu style that focuses on quick arm movements and powerful kicks.  With the Wing Chun ring you can practice Wing Chun hand techniques in the comfort of your home.  Proper arm movements are integral to executing Wing Chun techniques with proficiency and the ring will greatly assist in developing and perfecting these techniques.
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