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Wheeled Roof Rake



The Wheeled Roof Rake Easily Removes Snow Accumulation from Rooftops!

It doesn’t matter how much you hate the season, winter is here and removing snow accumulation from rooftops is no easy chore.   It would be nice to simply wave a magic wand and have it all disappear but unfortunately it has to be removed manually or you risk damaging your roof and being served with a nice fat repair bill.

Thankfully, the avalanche wheeled roof rake makes shoveling snow off your roof a breeze and way easier than setting up a ladder, climbing on to the roof and shoveling it off manually.  Simply extend the roof rake and grab a huge chunk of snow and drag it to the edge of the roof.   The roof rake clears large swathes of roof area in no time and the natural incline of roofs make dragging the snow off of it much easier with the roof rake.

The roof rake comes with a 16’ fiberglass handle which is segmented into four 4’ segments and a wheeled head that is attached to a 17’x12’ plastic rake.  The rake works by gripping the snow and pulling it off the roof, while the wheels on the rake protect your roof from damage.  The wheeled snow rake will make a great investment for the winter and will save you time and money.

The Cost? $236.51


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