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Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy



This Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy Will Provide Your Cat with Hours of Fun Entertainment!

Let you furry friend enjoy hours of fun time with this Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy. This toy is similar to the old Whack-A-Mole arcade game you might remember from the olden days where you use a giant hammer to whack moles popping up from holes. This miniature version of that game is a great toy for cats to use their paws to whack a mouse that pops up from different holes. The included plush mouse attached to the end of a wand pokes through the holes of the gameboard only to be smacked by the paws of your cat. The gameboard has two sides, one side has nine separate holes in a grid and the other side has four holes along with one large hole in the shape of a cat’s paw. The gameboard measures 10″ wide x 10″ long x 3.5″ deep and is ideal for kitties of any age. This game will provide hours of entertainment for your cat and provide valuable training on how to catch the real thing.

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