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Wearable Sled Legs



The Wearable Sled Legs – Don’t just stand or sit on your sled, wear them!

Enjoy the waning days of winter and the slowly melting snow with the original wearable sled legs. There may not be much snow on the ground as a result of the unseasonably warm temperatures across much of the United States, but then again, its only March and we can still expect some significant snow accumulations before winter calls it quits.

Designed like a shin and knee protection guard worn by Cricket Batsmen, the wearable sled legs straps to your legs covering the knee with two straps one above the angle and the other behind the knee. To operate, simply lower yourself to your knees and away you go. Your little tots may not enjoy this one as it is designed for riders 5’ tall and above (Ages 13+) with a 250lbs weight capacity.

Why carry your sled in your hands when you can wear them on your body and still walk with comfort and ease.  The wearable nature of the sleds make it easy to transport whether you are on a ski resort or a snow hill in the neighborhood park.  The wearable sleds also affords the skier better directional control by simply moving the legs in the desired direction.  The wearable sled legs are durable, long lasting and made in Canada.

The Cost? $59.95


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