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Wearable Microphone Jammer

wearable microphone jammer

This Wearable Microphone Jammer Bracelet Keeps Your Conversations Private!

If you are concerned about privacy then this wearable microphone jammer is what you need to disable hidden microphones in your immediate surroundings and keep your conversations private.  This bracelet looking device may look clunky but its powerful enough to render microphones useless.  The bracelet emits an ultrasonic noise to that jams microphones in speakers, smartwatches, smartphones and tablets.  It has 24 separate transducers that transmit white noise in the 24 to 26 kHz frequency range so that nearby mics are only able to pick up static rather than audible words.  As privacy becomes an issue in our modern age, devices like this microphone jammer are becoming commonplace to protect the little amount of privacy we have left.
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