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VR One Virtual Reality Backpack



VR One Virtual Reality Backpack for mobile gaming on the go!

This is something that the gaming enthusiast will go nuts for the VR One Virtual Reality Backpack PC lets you enjoy the power of virtual reality gaming anywhere you go. Virtual reality gaming is immersive and entertaining and with the VR backpack you can immerse yourself in the power of VR gaming wherever you choose to indulge.

  • Thin & Lightweight Design:

Once you experience the VR backpack you will never choose another. This backpack weighs just under 8 pounds and is equipped with the latest components in a thin and lightweight packaging with padded straps that are comfortable and easy to carry anywhere.

  • Extraordinary Computing and Graphics Power:

Experience the power of the 7th generation Intel Core H series processor that utilizes a power-efficient micro-architecture advanced processing technology and silicon optimizations for lightning fast performance and NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060g graphics card for outstanding graphics.

  • Swappable Batteries:

Two hot swappable batteries last over one and a half hours on a single charge and can be easily swapped when running low.

  • Connectivity for All:

VR One has enough ports for any Head Mount Device (HMD).  The system can also be used with the HMD as a powerful gaming PC connected to your desktop monitor.

  • Innovative Cooling:

The cooling vents and VR One are separated which allows air to escape from either side of the backpack for maximum performance and comfort.

With the features listed above and many others, the VR One virtual reality backpack exceeds the performance and versatility of competing wearable VR systems. The ingenuity of this system allows for it to be used in a mobile setting with an HMD or at home connected to a desktop monitor. Experience the power of VR gaming with the virtual reality backpack.

The Cost? $1,899.00


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