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USB Wired Silicone Rollup Keyboard


silicone-roll-up-keyboard on table

The USB Wired Silicone Rollup Keyboard makes mobile computing a breeze!


Say goodbye to hard keyboards with the USB Wired Silicone Rollup Keyboard.  Ideal for mobile computing, the silicone keyboard versatile design allows it to be used anywhere outdoors for your notebook or tablet.  Even indoors the silicone keyboard can be used to replace the hard keyboard on your desktop computer.  Made of high intensity, high elasticity silicone non-toxic gel, the keyboard is extremely soft to the touch, lightweight, folding, roll-up and silent.  The perfect travel accessory, the silicone keyboard is easy to carry and perfect for use in any environment.  Even water does not affect its performance, the keyboard is both waterproof and dust-proof with no keyboard skins required, simply clean with water, alcohol or alcohol based disinfectant.  Extremely quiet clicking with no typing sounds means you can use the keyboard in a library, book-store or study area without disturbing others.

The Cost? $12.78

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