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USB Bottle Shaped Desktop Humidifier

Desktop Humidifier

Desktop Humidifier

The LUMENA USB Bottle Shaped Desktop Humidifier is also an LED Mood Lamp!

Who doesn’t want to be in an environment where the air is comfortable to breathe, not too dry, not too damp but just the right humidity level coupled with soft light to set the right ambience for whatever activity you desire to indulge?  The LUMENA USB bottle shaped desktop humidifier not only does the above but its subtle LED lamp sets the right mood for any occasion.  The LED lamp function displays through the bottom of the bottle shaped design which looks amazing on desktop in offices and the home.  It holds 500-milliliter of water for humidification and can provide 50 milliliters of moisture per hour, that’s 24-hour of humidification on the interval setting.
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