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Ultra-Rare Ming Dynasty-Era Bowl

Ultra-Rare Ming Dynasty-Era Bowl

Ultra-Rare Ming Dynasty-Era Bowl

This Ultra-Rare Ming Dynasty Era Bowl Fetched a Whopping $721,800 at Auction!

A Chinese bowl bought for $35 at a yard sale in New Haven last year recently sold at auction for $721,800. The unidentified man from the Constitution State may have thought he was getting a decent deal on flatware, but what he really got was a highly valuable 15th-century antique. The bowl turns out to be an extremely rare Ming Dynasty antique from the 15th century. On Wednesday, the 600-year-old bowl was one of the top lots at Sotheby’s Essential Chinese Art sale in New York. According to the object catalog, the white porcelain dish is shaped like a lotus bud and is decorated with cobalt blue lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, and pomegranate flowers and dates from the Yongle court of the Ming Dynasty, which lasted from 1403 to 1424.

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