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Turkey Shaped Butter

Turkey Shaped Butter Sculpture

Turkey Shaped Butter Sculpture

Get this Turkey Shaped Butter for Your Thanksgiving Table!

When it comes to thanksgiving there are some things that just goes without mentioning, the Turkey and the stuffing, green bean casserole and obviously table butter.  For this thanksgiving, table butter doesn’t have to be in a boring container, it can be this amazing turkey shaped butter sculpture.  Why have a boring butter stick on your table this thanksgiving when you can have this turkey shaped butter sculpture that will impress your guests and instantly become a conversation piece.  There are made of 4 ounce standard butter and should be kept refrigerated.  These butter sculptures are made by Keller’s Creamery and will be on sale in wide variety of food stores like Wegman’s, Cub Foods, Kroger and more.  At a cost of $3.99, it goes without saying that this butter sculpture is a must have for your table this thanksgiving.
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