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Turkey Carving Chainsaw

turkey carving chainsaw

turkey carving chainsaw

This Turkey Carving Chainsaw Make a Great Thanksgiving Gift!

This Thanksgiving bring some excitement to your table with the Turkey Carving Chainsaw. The mighty carver as it is known will carve up your turkey and amaze your table guests. The mighty carver is not exactly a chainsaw with a rotating blade but instead, a really sharp electric knife that looks like a chainsaw. Its designer, Kimberly Burney designed the carving knife after a famous power tool, the everyday chainsaw to add some excitement to the mundane task of carving turkey. The carving blade is made of surgical-grade stainless steel with machine-cut serrated edges to cut through your turkey with ease. Measures 19” long and can be used to cut Turkey, Ham, Bread or anything on your table this Thanksgiving that needs to be cut.
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