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Turbo XL700 Triple Recliner

triple recliner

triple recliner

The Turbo XL700 Triple Recliner is the Ultimate Indoor Relaxation Recliner!


When you want to unwind and relax from a hard day’s work and enjoy your favorite show, do so by reclining on the Turbo XL700 triple recliner. Think of this as a movie recliner in three pieces, the set comes in three individual segments so you and your family can relax on enjoy your favorite movie or television show. Each recliner is made from high quality bonded leather upholstery with tall articulated headrests to support your neck, cup holders and base rail, storage in the armrests and soft ambient blue LED lighting along the bottom to complement your home décor.  The triple recliner set would make a perfect addition to your home entertainment system or your man cave.

Cost? $1,947.00

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