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TSTAND Hands-Free IPad Stand/Holder



The TSTAND Hands-Free iPad Stand/Holder Let’s you safely use your tablet when lying down!

Don’t you just hate laying in bed and having to hold your tablet to use it? Stretching your neck and arms to use your tablet while in bed can lead to carpal tunnel and other issues.  Don’t you wish there was a better way to use your tablet in bed. With the TStand Hands-Free IPad stand/Holder you can use your tablet with ease when lying down allowing you to relax your neck and arms.  Comfortably enjoy your internet browsing or your favorite TV show while in bed by attaching your iPad or Android tablet to the hands-free stand.  Simple and easy to use, insert your iPad or tablet into the stand and use its sturdy H-shaped base to comfortably hold your device on your chest or desk.  Your tablet remains stable and viewable at a comfortable angle and most importantly your body will feel comfortable and relaxed.  The TStand is versatile and can be used as a stand to attached your iPad or tablet or for watching movies in bed or as a mini workstation with a second monitor.  The expandable grippers can fit all tablets in landscape from 7″ to 13″.

The Cost? $54.00


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