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Trongs: Mini Finger Tongs

Trongs Mini Finger Tongs.jpg

Trongs Mini Finger Tongs.jpg

Trongs: Mini Finger Tongs Keeps Your Hands Clean While Enjoying Messy Foods!

If you enjoy eating fried messy foods, these Trongs: Mini Finger Tongs will keep your hands clean while you enjoy your favorite foods. Trongs are little utensils that attaches to your fingers so you don’t get your hands messy when eating fried or sauce laden foods. They are ergonomic and will not infringe on finger movement, you can even enjoy eating potato chips wearing these tongs. They also can be used in the kitchen to help you prepare meats while keeping your hands clean. They come in a pack of 12 (6 pairs), and would make a great addition to your long list of kitchen utensils.

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