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Tri-Edge Spiraling Dagger Knife

Spiraling Dagger Knife

Spiraling Dagger Knife


Tri-Edge Spiraling Dagger Knife – The Multi-Purpose Survival Tool!

The tri-edge spiraling dagger knife is one of those tools you must have in your survival package.  With its twisting sharp-edged blade, it can certainly screw anyone literally if the need presents itself. Handmade of 100% original Damascus steel, the dagger measures 10” in length and can fit anywhere in your backpack or on your person.  It’s a multi-purpose tool that can be used for many functions from survival or self-defense.  The sharp edges, perfect grip and quality finish is unlike any other dagger on the market.  In addition, it comes with a handmade leather sheath made of cow-skin to store and protect the dagger when not in use.
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