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Torpedo GB Pens



The Torpedo GB Pens are a Handcrafted Work of Art!

Snapshot tubes 1 and 2, you won’t have to be saying this with the Torpedo GB pens because even though they resemble a real torpedo the only travelling these pens will do is on your writing pad. Well that’s only if you can afford its exorbitant cost of $1,880.  The creators claim that this pen will help you to rediscover the joy of handwriting.  Indeed, these pens are a work of art and beautifully sculptured to pay tribute to the world’s first self-propelled submarine torpedo.  Available in fountain, ballpoint and roller ball, these pens will complement your writing style while providing a conversation piece for your co-workers. The Torpedo pens are all handmade and feature 18K real gold detailing; now that explains the price.

Get it Here from Gessato

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