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Toddler Toilet Trainer Seat

Seat and Ladder for Kids

Seat and Ladder for Kids

This Toddler Toilet Trainer Seat Includes a Step Ladder for Your Toddler to Reach the Seat!

The toddler toilet trainer seat is an ingenious potty trainer that is designed to accommodate potty training from toddler to early childhood.  Kids grow and potty seats becomes too small as the child gets older.  Instead of spending money on a variety of potty seat, this all-in-one potty trainer seat will save you money as your child grows. The trainer seat comes with a ladder to allow safe access to the toilet for your toddlers and small children.  Its universal design will fit standard height toilets from floor to seat of 14” to 16”.  In addition, it will work with all kinds of toilet design, even modern smart square toilet bowls.  Made of high-quality PP, the seat can hold up to 165 lbs that is far more than the weight of your toddler.
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