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This Incredible Piece of Furniture Turns Your Bike into a Work of Art


Image: Vadolibero

DOMUS R3 is an incredible piece of furniture that turns your bike into a work of art. It’s the most beautiful storage system ever created to honor your bicycle while remaining useful. Italian company Vadolibero designed this gorgeous bike rack for cycling enthusiasts. Cyclists normally spend thousands of dollars on state of the art bikes and what better way to store them than with this distinctive piece of furniture that elegantly integrates into the most sophisticated environments.

DOMUS R3 is not just any other piece of furniture that stores your bike, it’s a high-end piece of work made with a solid wood frame, a handlebar-inspired clothing rack and a set of cubbies for storing your essentials. The rack is 240 cm long and is made of stainless steel and features an LED light strip that illuminates your bike at nights and is controlled by a touch sensor that allows you to dim or increase the intensity of the light. A regenerated leather mat, shaped as the base protects the furniture from stains and scratches and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

In addition, two other accessories are included in the box, six solid wood pegs lets you hang all kind of accessories from your bike helmet and more on both sides of the furniture. Two leather hooks provided with a carabiner clip fastened on the clothing rack stores your biking gear. A satin stainless-steel universal clamp holds your bike in place and can easily be adjusted to accommodate any wheel and handlebar’s size.

The furniture piece comes in a matte finish with different wood essences, natural oak, dark brown oak, black oak and precious Canaletto walnut. Besides the bike storage, the owner will appreciate the neat and capacious storage space that comes with the piece of furniture. DOMUS is equipped with one large drawer and four small drawers, with all drawers provided with movable inner partitions that let you divide the space according to your storage needs.

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