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The Smart Waffle Towel Reinvents The Bathroom Towel



Most of the time, our towel does a poor job getting us dry when we step out of the shower. For goodness sake, all it has to do is absorb excess water fast, dry quickly between usage, and be both sturdy and soft but for some reason most towels fail at this simple task. Enter the K-25 Smart Bath Towels, known as waffle towels, they are super absorbent, provides everything you need in a bath towel and more. Created after years of research and development, these large waffle weave towel absorbs water like a super-sponge and are the ultimate upgrade to your regular bath towel that not only underperforms but becomes a cesspool for molds and bacteria over time.

The design of the waffle towel is akin to our favorite morning treat, the waffle, and it comes with a slew of advantages. The waffle texture exfoliates your skin softly, and the waffle honeycombs let the towel absorb all of the water in one swift pass. Due to the airy fabric and breathability of the waffle design it dries twice as quickly as regular towels. In addition, it’s super lightweight, feels thick, fluffy, and soft on the skin. It’s great for dying hair by absorbing all of the hair moisture super fast, preventing frizzing. The towels are large enough to effortlessly dry your entire body and securely wrap around your waist after you’re finished.

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