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The Lamborghini Jumpacan Looks Like a Chopped Up Mad Max Roadster


Image: Lamborghini

Who doesn’t enjoy a wild fish-out-of-water narrative with an automobile theme? To be honest, an off-road Lamborghini isn’t that insane. Let us not forget that Lamborghini started off as a tractor manufacturer, and who can forget the V12-powered LM002? We also have the Urus these days, albeit it’s not exactly a desert-conquering vehicle. We resort to the… Lamborghini Huracan for that job? Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Lamborghini Huracan seen in the video below is a Lamborghini Huracan in technical terms. It is a Huracan chassis with scissor like doors. Under the engine cover, you won’t find an Italian V10, in fact, you won’t even find the cover. An LS V8 is linked to a Lamborghini gearbox, which drives the rear wheels.

That appears to be about to change. The video below shows the crazy Huracan – officially known as the Jumpacan – taking part in high-speed tests in the desert where the race will take place later this year. The Jumpacan looks well at home doing huge, lazy donuts on the sand, and it comes up to its name at least over a minor jump.

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