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The Amazing Can Cooker

Can Cooker on kitchen countertop

Can Cooker on kitchen countertop

This Amazing Can Cooker Cooks Delicious Meals Using Steam Convection!

This can cooker is the brainchild of Seth McGinn and its one of the simplest, healthiest and most convenient cooking systems available.  The cooker takes the cattle drive tradition of cooking in a cream can and updates if for today’s busy lifestyle.  The pot is shaped like a beverage can cooks amazingly tasty meals by utilizing steam to create natural convection that slow cooks your food to bring out all the succulent juices for meals that are truly mouthwatering.  Use it indoors and outdoors to prepare healthy meals on any stove top, campfire burner, grill or the new Multi-Fuel Burner, Portable Cook top.  Made of lightweight high-strength aluminum construction with a latch-closed, silicon-sealed lid that ensures years of hassle-free enjoyment.
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