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Tesla-Inspired Cyber Camper

Tesla-Inspired Cyber Camper

Tesla-Inspired Cyber Camper

This Tesla-Inspired Cyber Camper is an out of this world Camper!

Tesla Cyber truck never really took off, but its design and shape has inspired others to pursue more innovative designs like the tesla-inspired cyber camper.  Designed by Cyber truck enthusiast “Joe” and discovered on a fan website.  The renderings are similar to that of Tesla’s bulletproof camper configuration, but the design extends into a canopy on the rear side of the vehicle.  It comes in a smaller solo option and a slightly larger duo option based on the sleeping quarters secured in its angular shell.  The duo version provides extra cabin space with its wider frame and has more windows on the front and back.  Read more about this amazing futuristic concept on Yanko Design.
Check it Out on YankoDesign

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