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T-REX Shower Head

T-Rex Shower Head

T-Rex Shower Head

T-REX Shower Head turns your shower into a pre-historic experience!


Well I don’t know why you would want the T-REX Shower Head in your bathroom but if you have kids and they are mesmerized with Jurassic creatures then this is the perfect addition to your kids bathroom.  Your kids will enjoy taking showers under the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.  Made of durable sturdy plastic, this pre-historic skull will fit any standard shower and is a spectacular addition to your bathroom shower that the kids and even some adults will enjoy.  Easy installation with just an adjustable wrench (not included) and Teflon tape (included) and within minutes you can find yourself standing beneath the jaws of an APEX predator.  Comes in two different colors gray and lime green to fit your home décor.  Great for gifts, the T-Rex shower head will add imagination and excitement to shower time.

The Cost? $19.95

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