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Steel Folding Hand Cart

Steel-Folding-Hand-Cart folded and extended

Steel-Folding-Hand-Cart folded and extended

Magna Cart Steel Folding Hand Cart makes hauling stuff around a breeze!

We have to face it, hauling stuff around isn’t easy and is exceptionally difficult when you don’t have the right machine to do the hauling.  The Magna Cart Steel Folding Hand Cart reinvents the traditional hand trolley and hauls everything with ease from large boxes, to beer kegs.  The Magna Cart was engineered with toughness in mind, it holds up to 150lbs and only weighs 9lbs. What sets this apart from traditional trolleys is the fact that It folds up for easy storage and transport. Compacted, it measures only 27” tall and 2” wide that is ideal for fitting in the trunk of your car or even taking aboard an airplane and storing in the overhead compartment.

The wheels are fully retractable and folds into a slim profile that allows it to be stored virtually any nook or cranny. The Magna Cart folding cart is the ultimate space saver and when unfolded it extends to 39” tall to conform to almost any body length comfortably and the 5” rubber wheels rolls smoothly and effortlessly across any surface.  No more frustration when moving items, the cart opens freely with the touch of a button and becomes immediately ready to haul your items with ease.

The Cost? $31.22


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