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State Shaped Cast-Iron Skillet



Celebrate your state heritage with the State Shaped Cast-Iron Skillet!


Have a Texas shaped Omelette or a Michigan shaped pancake with the State Shaped Cast-Iron Skillets.  Made by American Skillet Company, the state-shaped cast-iron cookware are an intriguing way to celebrate your national heritage.  Each skillet comes seasoned with organic flax oil so you can begin to use it right out of the box.  Safe to use on glass cooktops, gas, ceramic, electric, induction and even open fire cooking.  Call up your friends, start the oven and dive into a contiguously-shaped dish with exceptionally good taste.  Depending on state shape, skillet holds approximately 2-cups of food volume with a 5-inch long handle and a cooking area of approximately 8.25”x4.75”.

Cost? $130.00

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