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Star Wars Lightsaber Night light

Star-Wars-Lightsaber-Night-light on bedroom wall

Star-Wars-Lightsaber-Night-light on bedroom wall

Star Wars Lightsaber Night light keeps the force with you!


The Star Wars Lightsaber Night light will keep the force with your kid throughout the night to ward off monsters and crazies.  When I was a kid I hated sleeping in the dark and knowing that batman was one of my favorite super heroes, my mother purchased this really cool batman night light that kept me mesmerized and awake instead of lulling me off to bed.  The Star Wars lightsaber night light might present the same problem to you with your child, instead of lulling them off to bed it might keep them up all night mesmerized at this impressive replica of the Star Wars lightsaber.  Besides its impressive look, the lightsaber night light illuminates your child’s room with a soft blue light that is easy on the eyes and provides just enough light to keep the monsters away.  In addition, the lightsaber night light features sound effects and 8-different color effects that can be controlled by the included remote control.

Cost? $22.32

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