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Stand-up Weed Puller

Stand-up Weed Puller being held

Stand-up Weed Puller being held

Stand-up Weed Puller extracts weeds from the roots!


Summer is when the weeds come out and there is nothing more frustrating than extracting weeds and seeing them return a day later. With the Stand-Up Weed Puller you can extract weeds along with the roots ensuring that they will never grow again.  This ingenious tool by Fiskars saves you the arduous task of bending over and kneeling down to remove weeds.  With stand-up weed puller, you can extract weeds standing upright in a comfortable position.  Simply press the prongs into the stem of the weeds, push it down with your foot to insert the claws all the way to the root and with one simply vertical movement you can pull up the weed and its roots with ease.  An easy eject handle on the weed puller allows you to easily dispose of the weed into a garbage bag or mulcher.  The weed puller eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals like round-up to kill weeds which endanger the environment and the lives of small animals.  Moreover, the weed puller prevents injury from having to assume a dangerous posture while extracting weeds manually.  The improved ergonomics of the weed puller allows the user to position themselves directly over the weed and using the extra-long shaft, extract the weed without even bending over.

Cost? $39.15

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