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Split Gaming Keyboard

Split Gaming Keyboard

Split Gaming Keyboard

This Split Gaming Keyboard is a stylish ergonomic keyboard that lets you game for hours without hand stress!

Enjoy your games for hours on end without experiencing wrist and hand pain with this ergonomic split gaming keyboard by Kinesis.  This LED back-lit keyboard is the first of its kind designed specifically for gaming nuts who enjoy sitting on mommy couch playing games for hours on end.  The keyboard right and left segments are fully customizable with RGB lighting, cushioned palm supports and a SmartSet app.  For those who are not into gaming but want a more ergonomic keyboard, the split keyboard makes typing comfortable for all body types and typing styles.  The benefits of using this keyboard include, reduced ulnar deviation, zero-degree slope on palm support that eliminates wrist extension, split design that prevents over-reach and low force, full travel key switches that reduce fingertip impact.
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