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Soothing Sounds for Babies

Soothing Sounds for Babies

Soothing Sounds for Babies

The Baby Shusher Produces Calming, Soothing Sounds for Babies!

The Baby Shusher is an amazing new device that produces soothing sounds for babies to lull them to sleep.  It’s a much needed aid for new parents to lull their newly born to sleep with a calming “shush’ using a real human voice.  It uses an ancient doctor-tested and approved rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy baby.  This revolutionary device frees up your precious time and helps you as a new parent to get much-needed sleep.  It works by producing loud rhythmic shushing noises to help your babies go to sleep and prevent crying.  The rhythmic sounds remind your baby of being inside mom where they were inundated 24-hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other utero noises.  Its versatile and portable design is small, compact, easy to clean and can be used at home or in the car, visiting friends and family and even while shopping.  Makes a perfect gift for baby showers.
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