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Solar Powered Security Camera

Solar Powered Security Camera

    Solar Powered Security Camera

The Soliom Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera Protects Your Home and Saves on Energy Bills!


Want protection for your home without dealing with wires and cables?  then Soliom solar powered security camera is the one for you.  This wireless IP camera features accurate motion detection tracking, a wide angle range, quick alert, and a night vision mode as well.  The camera resolution is 1080p, which is HD resolution for an outdoor camera.  Its also solar powered with a 4000 mah battery.  So you can relax and enjoy peace of mind not worrying about replacing the battery or expensive energy bills.  Soliom app will show the low power notification to remind you to manually charge if camera consumption is greater than recharge.


This wide-angled camera is a full ip66 weatherproof and is made from high-quality plastic so you can rest assure that it can withstand any harsh weather conditions.  Its accurate motion detection and alarm is top-notch, featuring exclusive two-way motion detection technology that reduces false alerts, with 0.7-second quick trigger speed.  When motion is detected, the camera will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short video clip onto the cloud and memory card.  This is just one of the best camera that is available right now. Hardware installation is easy.   Soliom S60 is WiFi enabled wireless IP security camera and thanks to the Soliom free app that allows you to remotely monitor your yard entrance, garage, office, garden, home, at any time with live video.  Also includes clear two-way talk which lets you hear and speak to anyone who is within its range.

Cost? $139.00

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