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Solar Eclipse Heat Changing Ceramic Mug

heat changing ceramic mug

heat changing ceramic mug

The Solar Eclipse 20oz Heat Changing Ceramic Mug lets you sip your favorite beverage and watch a solar eclipse!


It doesn’t matter if you were not in the path of totality or missed the great American eclipse all together, the Solar Eclipse Heat Changing Ceramic Mug lets you enjoy the solar eclipse while sipping your favorite hot beverage.  When the mug is cold you can enjoy the view of the Sun’s corona in black and white on one side and in color on the other side. Pour in your favorite hot beverage and watch the full Moon and the turbulent Sun revealed. The difference between the two sides are like night and day, the background of the mug is black which helps to drastically improve the appearance of the astronomical event.  The 20-ounce mug is perfect for your morning brew or evening tea curled up in front your favorite show.  Made of ceramic material, the mug is ideal for astronomers, stargazers, eclipse chasers or simply those who enjoy the amazing events in the universe.

The Cost? $14.99

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