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Smart Food Storage System

Smart Food Storage System

Smart Food Storage System

This Smart Food Storage System Reminds You of Foods Stored and if They are Good to Use!

When you put away foods in your refrigerator and you ready to prepare a meal, there are times you cannot remember what you have stored. The smart food storage system keeps track of food in your refrigerator and works with Amazon Alexa to help you know what is in your fridge so you do not waste food by allowing it to go to waste while storing in your refrigerator. The system works by tagging your food in the app for the countdown to start, afterwards you will receive reminders on your phone that you have food stored away. The smart tag light changes color to let you know the status of the food inside, whether it has spoiled or good for consumption. The light ring changes from green to yellow to red depending on how long your food remains stored in the refrigerator. This smart system will stop you from guessing what’s for dinner because you will know exactly what you have in your refrigerator to prepare dinner.
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