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Smart Face Mask

Smart Face Mask being worn

Smart Face Mask being worn

The CX9 Customizable Smart Face Mask is the Only Mask You Will Need to Wear!

Wearing masks has now become commonplace in society and if you are going to wear a mask, make sure you wear one that actually protects you.  The CX9 customizable smart face mask filters out bacteria and helps you breathe more effectively with a built-in fan.  Additionally, this custom face masks include built-in LED lights that sterilize the area inside the masks while providing skin therapy at the same time.  The mask includes a large high-performance filter that uses advanced technology to filter out pollutants, viruses, bacterial and other aerial contaminants.  In addition, no more face sweating with the CX9 mask, it uses material that absorbs heat and circulate cool air keeping your face cool and dry and allowing you to breathe with ease.  Best of all the mask is washable and reusable which means you will only need one.
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