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Slice of Bread Cat Bed

Slice of Bread Cat Bed

Slice of Bread Cat Bed

This Slice of Bread Cat Bed Provides a Yummy Surface for Your Cat to Relax!

Cats love soft surfaces and with this slice of bread cat bed you can treat your cat to a soft toasty surface that looks like a slice of bread.  This bread bed is made of foam core interior and a soft luxurious soft faux fur surface that can be removed for washing.  It provides a nice soft surface for cats to play, sleep or rest and can hold up to two large cats on its warm and breathable surface. The bread slice is a perfect square measuring 15.7″x15.7″x2.6″ deep and is also available in a larger size of 23.6″x23.6″x2.6″.  Besides being a bed for your cats, don’t be surprise if your dog finds this bed attractive or even you can use it as cuddling pillow on your couch.
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