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Skypanels Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels

Skypanels ceiling panel

Skypanels ceiling panel

Skypanels Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels turns your dull fluorescent light into panels of art!

Fluorescent lighting commonly used in offices, hospital and other commercial environments are often dull and monotonous which is due essentially to the plain featureless plastic panels used to diffuse the light into the environment.  The Skypanels Fluorescent Light Diffuser Panels is changing dull fluorescent lighting into lighting that is soothing, calming and promotes a healthy working environment.  Skypanels are 23.75”x47.75” acrylic panels with images of clouds, sunsets, forests etc. that will add a new dimension to your office décor.  The images make for a pleasant visual ceiling in your office or work environment.  Each panel is made of 100% long lasting acrylic panels that will fit a standard fluorescent light fixture of 24”x48” and can be trimmed to fit non-standard fixtures.  Eliminate dull fluorescent panels in your work space and replace them with Skypanels for a more productive and comfortable work environment.

The Cost? $37.95


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