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Shomer Tec Kwikset Killer Key



Shomer Tec Kwikset Killer Key disables any lock instantly and permanently!

Ever wanted to permanently disable a lock? The Shomer Tec Kwikset Killer Key lets you permanently disable a lock without having to remove the lock.  The key can instantly and permanently disable a lock, once inserted it cannot be removed rendering a door lock unable to open from the outside.  The door can still be opened from the inside but the only way to open the door from the outside would be to drill through the lock.  The key is simple to use, just insert into the lock and push sideways on the bow of the key which will easily break off and disable the lock.  The key is ideal where access denial situations are common such as keeping evicted tenants out of rental unit before the locks have been changed.

The Cost? $12.00


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