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Self-Defense UFC Fighter Ears

UFC Fighter Ears

UFC Fighter Ears

These Self-Defense UFC Fighter Ears will Make Bullies Think Twice!


Getting bullied at school or picked on? Try these Self-Defense UFC Fighter Ears.  The cauliflower ears is a common signature of MMA fighters and these ears replicate that exact look to scare off attackers and bullies.  These are a simple cheap but effective self-defense item you can wear on your person and feel confident you won’t be stepped to.


The ears work by slipping the pair of latex prosthetics over your own ears, they are comfortable and stay secure over your ears regardless of the orientation of your head. So if you live in a shitty neighborhood, getting bullied at school or being picked on, slip on a pair of these ears and make them think twice about messing with you.  Of course, the ears alone won’t work if you have a wimpy personality, you have to put on the confidence and macho personality of a UFC fighter as well.

Cost? $6.99

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