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Scratch Off World Travel Map

Scratch Off World Travel Map

Scratch Off World Travel Map

The Scratch Off World Travel Map Is a Great Gift For the Travel Enthusiast!

If you are an avid traveler and love exploring new destinations then the Scratch Off World Travel Map poster will come in very useful.  The travel map is the ultimate travelers map which allows you to scratch off destinations you have visited.  When you scratch off a destination you have visited, it reveals the beautifully styled, up to date world map poster underneath.  The more destinations you scratch off the more of the world map below is revealed.  The world map is printed onto high quality silk art paper with a gloss coating and the scratch off travel map woks exactly like a scratch off card game you purchase at your local store.  Once the gold coating is scratched off it reveals the huge world map below.  In addition to countries shown on the map, they are cities also shown on the top layer and the colorful, political world map beneath.  The large map measures 33 x 23 inches and makes a brilliant and unique gift for the travel enthusiast in your family.

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