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Samsung Zero-Bezel 8K TV

Samsung Zero-Bezel 8K TV

Samsung Zero-Bezel 8K TV

This New Samsung Zero-Bezel 8K TV Has Built-In Artificial Intelligence!

Samsung’s zero-bezel 8k TV is not your grandma’s television.  Not only is it light years ahead of your grandma’s TV but it’s also way ahead of your own LCD or LED TV.  It features a benchmark infinite display that practically frameless with no bezel.  Of course, there is a frame but its only 15mm thick which is virtually unnoticeable. It includes an artificial intelligence quantum processor that allows scaling of 8K content. Additionally, a digital assistant allows the TV to be controlled via Bluetooth and wi-fi.  It can also mirror content from your smartphone or tablet with using a function called “tap view”.  It’s fully compatible with all smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby.
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