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Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner



The Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner keeps your pool clean while saving energy!

Forget expensive pool cleaning services and replace them with the Solar Breeze Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner. The Solar Breeze is a portable, mobile intelligent, solar powered robot that swims along the surface of your pool dispensing pool chemicals and cleaning surface debris.  Operates on solar power with internal storage batteries, the solar breeze is energy independent charged by the sun during the day and needs no electrical connections.  As such the robot is energy efficient and operates on far less electric power than comparable pool cleaners.  Removes 90-95% of surface debris including dust, leaves, pollen and bacteria from your swimming pool.  Simply leave the robotic cleaner in the sun during the day to charge its batteries and put it in your pool after sundown and let it work overnight using the stored energy.

The Cost? $559.00


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